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29 08 2013


How to backing up Microsoft Outlook 2010 Inbox

11 08 2013

Click File>>>Option>>>Advance
next to export outlook information to a file for use in other program >>>click export
Impor export wizard pop up will appear, then choose>>>export to a file, then clik next
choose an action to perform , then choose>>>outlook data file (.pst)
export outlook data file (select folder to export) chosse>>>inbox
save exported file to >>>choose your drive you want it to save to , then click finish.
supply password when requested


Menghitung kelipatan 5 Ms Excel

27 03 2010

Pada intinya saya ingin menghitung 1 orang mengelola 5 unit usaha, secara sederhana bisa ditulis sebagai 1/5 x jumlah unit usaha, akan tetapi apabila jumlah unit usaha adalah bukan angka kelipatan 5 maka jumlah pengelola menjadi bilangan pecahan ( masa jumlah orang=1/5, 2/5, dst)

Untuk menghindari bilangan pecahan tersebut (setelah googling) saya menemukan penggunaan fungsi round.
Ada tiga fungsi round (pembulatan) yang tersedia (round, roundup dan roundown), dalam hal ini saya menggunakan fungsi roundup (yaitu berapapun hasil angka setelah dibagi lima akan dibulatkan ke atas).
contoh:1/5=1;2/5=1;3/5=1;4/5=1/5/5=1;6/5=2; dst.

Penulisan fungsi roundup: =ROUNDUP(lokasi sel yang diinginkan/5,0)
lokasi sel=sel tempat variabel jumlah usaha
5=bilangan pembagi dari 1 orang mengelola 5 unit usaha
0=tidak ada angka dibelakang koma


Yahoo Zimbra

3 01 2010

Zimbra an opensource mail client, can be use for variety web base mail account like yahoo, gmail, aol, hotmail, etc.

To visit the website:

To download Zimbra desktop for windows:

I use Zimbra desktop for my two yahoo mails account and one gmail account, try to use it for my hotmail and live mail account, but there is some problem on sending mails.

Still trying to find out how to solve the sending mails problem.

Happy New Year, and good luck

How to solve Error message 81003005 yahoo messenger Please try again a little bit later (81003005)

12 12 2008

If you receive message error when try to login in yahoo messenger which displayed the message error like “Please try again a little bit later” 81003005, you may try this procedure below.

This message appear probably because of your computer proxy software by default change your connection properties.

Solution is

Open you internet explorer

  • click tools>>>Internet option>>>connection tap
  • Under Dial-up and Virtual Private Network setting
  • Double click your current internet connection that you are using now
  • Make sure that under Proxy Server, the ‘Use a proxy server for this connection’ is UNCHECKED
  • Now back to connection tab
  • Click LAN setting
  • Make sure that under Proxy Server, the ‘Use a proxy server for this connection’ is UNCHECKED
  • Click OK>>OK
  • Try to logging to your Yahoo messsenger again.

Good luck

Tips Finding Missing Software Driver

9 12 2008

Some tips for finding your missing sofware driver.

If you have any computer gadgets and you lost the drivers, either by corrupt file, lost CD installation, etc.

Some of the vendors provide drivers download on their website, but some of them are not.

If you have dificulity to find your driver for your gadget, You can try these tips bellow.

Internet connection is required.

Locate your chipsets of your gadgets, find any important data written on the chipsets. (you may need simple magnifying glass to see the data)

Search the chipsets data in your browser, ie google or yahoo search engine.

You will find website of the chipsets manufacturer, in most cases they will provide the drivers.

Download and install the driver.

Good luck.